Web or Mobile Applications (Apps) – Server Request Optimisation

Web or Mobile Applications (Apps) – Server Request Optimisation

The Web or mobile applications that require processing of big data load need special attention.

Furthermore, just providing a well-structured server requests scheme for a web or mobile apps to server database will improve performance and can allow for more users without loading the server and system’s backend.

High load optimisation can keep mobile or web applications performance from lagging. We have worked on this issue with various clients and have experience on how to design the best solution for large data transition and a high number of mobile apps users. Our technical expertise can lead you to the right solution for your application software project. We can ‘polish’ the web or mobile app project and implement performance strategies such as caching and server request optimisation.

The Web or Mobile applications developed by Edway Apps in Melbourne or Sydney, Australia, are high-performance software products. The system is analysed, and server requests are explicitly designed and structured before the implementation of each device’s operating system. Whether it is an Android, iPhone, iPad or any other mobile phone or tablet device, regardless of it’s operating system all mobile applications of Edway Apps runs fine with each device and platform.

Read our article on High Load / Traffic optimisation for software projects, web and mobile apps to learn more about our expertise.

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